Home Schooling

Gone are those days when education was imparted only in schools and educational institutions. The concept of home schooling has become very popular these days. Home schooling refers to a method of educating the children at home by parents, guardians or tutors, rather than sending them to schools or educational institutions. Home schooling is a great substitute for private schools. The practice of home schooling has grown over 75%. There are many local support groups for Homeschooling, all over the world. Many parents are not satisfied with the concept of traditional education; hence they opt for home-schooling. They do not wish to impart education to children in a traditional manner. And they don’t have to make their children motivated to do homework. Parents have started keeping good control over children. They often want to see what the child is learning and in what way is he learning. Homeschooling has gained popularity mainly because of the violence taking place in public schools. As Home schooling is legal, many parents are getting more and more involved.

There is tremendous competition with regards to admissions in schools. Not all parents can afford to take such pressure; hence Home schooling is chosen by many of the parents. Homeschooling provides the children with sufficient amount of freedom, which they actually deserve. The teacher-student ratio is very favorable in Home schooling. Schools are always overcrowded and hence children are not given individual attention. In Homeschooling, a lot of personal attention is given to children and this certainly has a positive impact on the child’s overall development and success. Home schooling has a very healthy and a supportive atmosphere.

Home schooling makes a child bold and self-sufficient. By being home-schooled, they can think in a better and efficient manner. When children are home-schooled, their parents come to know about their strengths and weaknesses. If a child is lacking in a particular subject, the tutor or parent can pay more attention to that; on the other hand, if a child is brilliant in that subject, he can be motivated further. Homeschooling also enables the use of a correspondence school. A child can visit various museums or institutions for gaining extra knowledge and for some extra help in his assignments.

Main Reasons for Choosing Home Schooling.

  • Home schooling is mostly chosen in order to avoid violence which prevails in public school environment.
  • Many a times there is lot of bias and differentiations in schools. Homeschooling is the best option in such cases.
  • The schedule of the children becomes more flexible. They can adjust the timings according to their whims and fancies. Parents too can take the children out for a vacation whenever they wish to.
  • Daily routine in schools can sometime cause illnesses and fatigue. Such things can be avoided by Home schooling.
  • By Home schooling, parents can spend more time with their children. This is very necessary in early developmental years.
  • Home schooling creates a safe environment for students. The children can be away from picking up bad habits from peer groups.